Fitness Spotlight: Tim Haft, Personal Trainer

fitnessAs the 14th Street Y’s newest personal trainer, fitness expert Tim Haft brings decades of innovative fitness experience, as well as deep roots at the Y, to our personal training team.

Since 2005, Haft has devoted his time to improving the lives of our members through two innovative programs he created: Beastanetics, a high intensity interval training workout that utilizes a wide variety of bodyweight exercises, and Punk Rope, a fun, energetic workout that blends rope jumping and creative conditioning drills which has helped Y members shed the weight in just a few weeks.

“Seeing a member meet a short term goal, seeing them internalize that accomplishment, is a tremendous feeling,” says Haft.

With professional experience in career counseling and a deep knowledge of fitness, Haft feels that personal training and group instructing is the best way to utilize his strengths to help people reach their fitness goals. He’s been involved with fitness initiatives for over 20 years and is ready to motivate more Y members than ever before through his new role as a trainer here.

When asked what one piece of advice he would give someone who is ready to incorporate fitness into their lives, Haft responded, “be good to yourself, set realistic bars, and give yourself a little slack. Being gentle with yourself and surrounding yourself with positive encouragement will help you follow through with your goals.”

Come by for a workout with Tim!

Did you know? 14th Street Y membership includes one Welcome Workout with a personal trainer. Contact John Li to learn more about our personal training program:

Interested in Punk Rope, Beastanetics or other specialty fitness classes at the Y?  Stop by the service desk or visit to learn more!

For more information about Tim Haft and his credentials, visit

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