Y Cabaret

 Producers, Jake McIntyre & Larry Daniels reimagine the traditional definition of  “Cabaret” to showcase emerging choreographers and dancers in their new show, Y Cabaret.

Jake sat down with us at the Theater at the 14th Street Y to talk about the concept behind this show:

Why did you decide to reimagine a Cabaret with dance?

This question actually plays off the name we chose for the show, why cabaret (Y Cabaret)? Cabaret has been a model of performance audiences love for enjoying theatrical songs and acts, but serious dance has traditionally been left out of this. We decided why not have a dance cabaret for modern artistically sound work, where audiences can enjoy drinks and have an MC to help guide them through the night? A lot of dance is fun, sexy, intimate, and/or dark, but you don’t always get to feel that in a traditional theater setting. For audiences who aren’t big dance goers either, the cabaret model is the perfect fun way to get a taste of what the NYC dance scene can offer.

Choreographer, Ashley Menestrina

How is this different than people’s traditional expectation of a Cabaret?

The big difference is the artistic integrity of the work we are showing. The choreographers featured in this show each have their own specific artistic voice, and have been presented in major theaters and dance venues across the US. Our goal here isn’t just to entertain you as a traditional cabaret’s might be, but to also inspire and make you think. What’s not different, is there will be a killer MC to host the show, drinks and an amazing line up of performances.

20141227 Jon Ole 275
Choreographer, John Ole Olstad


What should the audience expect?

Everything and nothing. We want audiences who love dance, and those who have never really seen contemporary dance but are willing to give it a try. The choreographers featured are presenting a variety of different types of work, but all professional working choreographers with a strong and distinct artistic voice. You’ll be seeing some work that is just about cool or weird movement, others that are meant to be funny, and others which are theatrical or dark. We tried to make sure there was going to be something to tickle everyone’s fancy.


Preview the choreographers of Y Cabaret:

John Ole Olstad

Yin Yue

Adam Baruch

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