Intersection: Babel

LABA Artist Karen Loew made this film which premiered at the 14th Street Y’s LABA Festival about the intersection of 14th Street and First Avenue in Manhattan.

Karen writes, “I got interested in this crossroads because I live nearby. As you’ll see, others have plenty to say about the place too. And it’s an inspiring place to dance.”

BUFF BRIDE: Pictured!

Have you met Christen, our BUFF BRIDE?  Christen has been working out with Jordan, one of our stellar personal trainers in preparation for her wedding this autumn.  In addition to these morning workouts with Jordan, Christen has been a regular attendee of our Monday and Wednesday evening YOGA classes with Lauren.

For proof of how great she’s doing, take a look at Christen in this photo from a recent Monday evening class.  Christen is pictured in the front of this photo, performing a yoga pose that all at once works the core, creates space and flexibility in the back and chest, strengthens the legs (particularly inner and outer thighs), and releases tension through the breath.

Have you tried one of our Yoga classes yet?  Take a look at our schedule and see which one works for you!

Dressing the Building for the Festival!

When you look around, you can see letters and messages, pictures and color.  We’re dressing up the Y for our 4th Annual LABA Festival!  These letters are hidden under our staircase.  Can you find them today?

Come see all that LABA (The National Laboratory For New Jewish Culture) has created this year at our Festival!  Saturday, May 19th at 8:00PM

The Latest from our BUFF BRIDE

  This is Christen!  Christen is getting into her best shape ever for her autumn 2012 wedding by working out with our Personal Trainer Jordan , 14th Street Y Yoga classes, and by eating enough healthy food to fuel her work and progress.  We’ve posted Christen’s most recent workout here.  Try it the next time you’re in our fitness center!


-Elliptical: Intervals 10-15 minutes;

1.5 min work phase (heart rate up to 176) / 2 min recovery phase (heart rate at 151-164)

-12 Side Lunge to Balance on BOSU (Right)/Lateral Crawl 5 paces out /6 Plank Rotations/Lateral Crawl 5 paces back

Repeat Circuit on the left, beginning with side Lunges to Balance on BOSU


 This is a Bosu!


20-24 Squat to alternating press and rotation

12-15 Assisted Pull-ups (using the machine in the fitness center)

12-15 Standing Cable Press

15-20 Sumo Squat Deadlift



30 total Plank with hand taps on step:  (Start in a plank. Keeping your body rigid (hips and shoulders level) reach to your side as far as possible with your left hand while balancing on your right elbow and feet. Bring your left arm back in to the plank position. Repeat with the right hand and continue. To make this easier, position your feet further apart.)

15 Swiss Ball Straight Leg Bridge to Glute Bridge

30 total Ball Twist


Various Stretch:

We like the routine in the stretch link!


Stay tuned next week for Christen’s next workout!



Balance and Strength with the BUFF BRIDE!

 This is Christen, our BUFF BRIDE!


Welcome to our BUFF BRIDE’s latest workout! Personal Trainer Jordan has been mixing strength with lots of balance and coordination exercises recently, which is going nicely with Christen’s regular Monday and Wednesday evening Yoga Classes here at the Y.  We’ve put in links to explain the exercises that may need some explanation.  Try it today and let us know how it’s working for you!


5 min warm up on the elliptical

Dynamic Stretches:

3 sets of 20 reps performed as a circuit;

  • Overhead Knees (crossing the body),
  • Toy Soldiers, (Standing opposite arm/leg ext)

Balance and Coordination:

Core and Cool-down: