Our Buff Bride…and her Trainer

Christen, our Buff Bride is beginning her first workouts with 14th Street Y personal trainer Jordan Forth.

This is Jordan!

Jordan, a Wellness consultant, personal trainer, group fitness and tai chi instructor; has spent over 16 years assisting people in their health and fitness. Christen recently worked with Jordan in her first fitness assessment, which included cardio, movement screening, posture and alignment, core stability, plus strength and endurance tests. Sounds like a workout in itself!

Christen and Jordan will be working together a few times a week, focusing on a general overall fitness…and of course that fabulous strapless wedding dress.

Jordan reports that Christen already has great strength as a former athlete. He’ll be bringing his expert knowledge of tai chi, yoga, Alexander Technique and martial arts to address any muscular imbalances and specific issues as she works her way toward optimum health!

Be sure and check back for Christen’s next workout! If you’re interested in a fitness assessment like Christen’s, remember that every membership includes one FREE personal training session. Have you scheduled yours yet? Contact Adja_Diarra@14StreetY.org for more information!

In Our Theater Now….

Calling Members at the Y!


Recent Graduates from NYU are producing TWO PLAYS this month at the Theater at the 14th Street Y!

Kelly Colburn & Will Detlefsen (Tisch ’11) lead two companies of actors, two design teams, and two classic plays through production from February 17th – February 26th. Because it’s Theatre Thursday, we wanted to invite all of you to join us!

Written by Anton Chekhov
In a Version by Jean-Claude Van Itallie
Directed by Kelly Colburn

Written by Harold Pinter
Directed by Will Detlefsen

See BOTH SHOWS for $15!
By emailing Tickets@MPRplays.com with the DISCOUNT CODE: SUBTEXT in the Subject line!

*Please choose TWO PERFORMANCES you would like to see*
Friday, February 17th, 8pm – The Cherry Orchard
Saturday, February 18th, 2pm – The Cherry Orchard
Saturday, February 18th, 8pm – The Birthday Party
Sunday, February 19th, 2pm – The Birthday Party
Monday, February 20th – DARK
Tuesday, February 21st, 8pm – The Cherry Orchard
Wednesday, February 22nd, 8pm – The Birthday Party
Thursday, February 23rd, 8pm – The Cherry Orchard
Friday, February 24th, 8pm – The Birthday Party
Saturday, February 25th, 2pm – The Cherry Orchard (closing)
Saturday, February 25th, 8pm – The Birthday Party (Brad’s After Party to follow!)
Sunday, February 26th, 2pm – The Birthday Party (closing)

For more information about The Cherry Orchard/Tickets, click here!
For more information about MultiPurposeRoom/The Birthday Party/Tickets, click here!

We hope to hear from you soon! You don’t want to miss these shows!

-Will Detlefsen & Kelly Colburn-

Will Detlefsen
Artistic Director

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Meet our BUFF BRIDE!

This is Christen!

Christen, a member since 2009 is getting married this fall. We’re proud to introduce her as our Buff Bride! Over the next 9 months, Christen will be working with our Fitness Coordinator and expert personal trainer Adja Diarra for a program to get her into her healthiest and best shape for her wedding.

When we asked Christen why she wanted to be our Buff Bride, she did mention a fabulous strapless dress… but more importantly, she wants to continue the journey towards the goals she set some time ago. Christen is already an inspiration, having lost 35 pounds over the last year. As most people have found, the last 5 or ten pounds are the hardest to lose, and Christen is in need of some fresh motivation to get to the goal she originally set for herself.

At the moment, Christen enjoys Yoga at the Y as well as some of our specialty ‘Beastanetics’ classes. She’s also an avid walker, and makes everyday fitness a part of her lifestyle. We’re looking forward to designing some specialty workouts to give her the push she is looking for, and to sharing them with the Y community. Check back here, and through Facebook and Twitter to try them out yourself. The best reason to do so can be summed up something Christen said,

“I would really like to be able to develop a routine and plan that can fit within my busy schedule so I do not have to rely on the pre-packaged meals. I am looking for this to be a lifestyle change and get back into a structured fitness routine.”

Something we all can Strive for!

Jewish Culture Gets A ‘Master’ Class

Today we’re reposting an article from the Jewish Week, all about a new course that teaches Jewish Culture mixed with a healthy dose of Business Acumen.  Our favorite part is this quote from our Own Becky Skoff, Manger of LABA and the Theater at the 14th Street Y:

“Becky Skoff, who runs LABA, The National Laboratory for New Jewish Culture at the 14th Street Y, said she wished the G.W. program had existed before she started working. That wasn’t so long ago: Skoff is 28, and recently received a master’s in arts management from Boston University. 

She worked for the Roundabout Theatre Company in New York before switching over to LABA at the 14th Street Y a couple of years ago. But because her knowledge of Jewish culture came entirely from her own personal experiences, she’s had to take courses independently to buttress her knowledge.

Currently, she’s enrolled in a Jewish texts course at the Jewish Theological Seminary, which she thinks might help her work with LABA artists, who are asked to create works based on traditional Jewish literature.

“I’ve had to pick up some of the stuff that this program offers along the way, instead of all in one place as this program offers,” Skoff said of the new G.W. degree. Browsing the initial course offerings on the program’s website, she was impressed by the wide-range of courses, from business management to Jewish cultural history.

“There’s a lot of courses I would have taken,” she said. “Nowadays, you need to be a jack of all trades.” This program, she added, certainly addresses that. ”

 Read the full article here:http://www.thejewishweek.com/news/new_york/jewish_culture_gets_master_class

OPEN-The New Jewish Theater Residency







LABA: The National Laboratory for New Jewish Culture at the 14th Street Y, (344 E. 14th St., NYC) and the Jewish Plays Project are proud to announce the new program OPEN, which is seeking five collaborative teams of theater artists for a three-week pilot residency program. The residency is designed to give selected artists time, space and support to create vibrant new work that extends the Jewish conversation through cutting-edge theater forms and techniques. The Residency runs from June 11 – July 1, 2012. Proposals are due by March 15th, 2012 at 6 pm. The announcement of the artists selected will be made on April 16th, 2012.


The contest is open to artists of all backgrounds, denominations, faiths, creeds, religions and other ideals.   For information on how to submit a proposal visit http://www.jewishplaysproject.org/laba/ or see the attached information sheet.


OPEN is a key pilot program in the Jewish Plays Project’s mission to engage Jewish audiences in the future of Jewish theater. Each project must have at least 3 artists already committed to the work in significant ways. LABA and the Jewish Plays Project are not interested in single playwrights submitting work, actor’s with a vanity piece, or director’s with a single-minded concept. The goal is to gather thriving teams of multidisciplinary artists committed to their projects and to each other who are excited about coming together with like-minded artists to seek a new, contemporary, cutting-edge direction for Jewish theater in New York City


Each selected project will receive:

  • 20 hours of rehearsal space per week over 3 weeks including time in the theater.
  • A production stipend to cover minimal physical production elements.
  • Production, stage management and intern support.
  • Artistic and dramaturgical input as requested and needed.
  • Substantial marketing and PR support
  • At least one public performance of a selection of the resulting work.
  • Prominent place in the Project’s ongoing advocacy towards production.


Selected artists will also participate in the LABA’s Beit Midrash program, learning how ancient texts can inspire and inform their artistry. Under the guidance of master teachers Basmat Hazan Arnoff and Ruby Namdar, this part of the residency will introduce new ideas, sources and techniques that will serve as a resource for your work for years to come.



OPEN seeks to discover and develop a new generation of theater that reflects the 21st Century Jewish experience, and strives to engage a broad audience in a discussion of what that experience may be. Each project will be reviewed by a Community Panel of up to 30 lay leaders involved in the New York City Jewish Community who will score projects on the clarity, importance and personal connection of its Jewish ideas. A separate Artistic Panel of actors, directors, writers and academics will evaluate projects for their aesthetic value, structural and stylistic innovation, understanding of their target audience and production feasibility. 


ABOUT LABA: LABA: House of Study is a beit midrash for culture-makers at the 14th Street Y in New York City. Every year the LABA staff selects a group of 10 fellows — a mix of artists, writers, dancers, musicians, actors and others — to partake in a yearlong study of classical Jewish texts centered around a theme. The fellows then interpret these texts in their work which is featured in the bi-monthly online journal and annual year-end festival. A central focus of LABA is to present Judaism’s rich literary and intellectual traditions in a non-denominational, non-religious setting, so that these writings may serve as inspiration for the fellows’ art.



ABOUT THE JEWISH PLAYS PROJECT: The Jewish Plays Project is a development house for 21st Century Jewish theater. We seek to ignite an explosive engagement between cutting-edge theater artists and Jewish audiences by developing and advocating for a new generation of plays and musicals that embrace and investigate the intersection of Jewish identity and secular self.




David Winitsky                                                 Becky Skoff

Director, Jewish Plays Project                Manager, LABA, and the Theater at the 14th Street Y

david@jewishplaysproject.org                          becky_skoff@14streety.org

347.878.5771                                                              646.395.4322


OPEN has received generous support from the UJA-New York Committee on Jewish Identity and Renewal’s Gen I Task Force, the Louis T. Roth Foundation, and a host of individual donors.