Jewish Culture Gets A ‘Master’ Class

Today we’re reposting an article from the Jewish Week, all about a new course that teaches Jewish Culture mixed with a healthy dose of Business Acumen.  Our favorite part is this quote from our Own Becky Skoff, Manger of LABA and the Theater at the 14th Street Y:

“Becky Skoff, who runs LABA, The National Laboratory for New Jewish Culture at the 14th Street Y, said she wished the G.W. program had existed before she started working. That wasn’t so long ago: Skoff is 28, and recently received a master’s in arts management from Boston University. 

She worked for the Roundabout Theatre Company in New York before switching over to LABA at the 14th Street Y a couple of years ago. But because her knowledge of Jewish culture came entirely from her own personal experiences, she’s had to take courses independently to buttress her knowledge.

Currently, she’s enrolled in a Jewish texts course at the Jewish Theological Seminary, which she thinks might help her work with LABA artists, who are asked to create works based on traditional Jewish literature.

“I’ve had to pick up some of the stuff that this program offers along the way, instead of all in one place as this program offers,” Skoff said of the new G.W. degree. Browsing the initial course offerings on the program’s website, she was impressed by the wide-range of courses, from business management to Jewish cultural history.

“There’s a lot of courses I would have taken,” she said. “Nowadays, you need to be a jack of all trades.” This program, she added, certainly addresses that. ”

 Read the full article here:

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