Meet our BUFF BRIDE!

This is Christen!

Christen, a member since 2009 is getting married this fall. We’re proud to introduce her as our Buff Bride! Over the next 9 months, Christen will be working with our Fitness Coordinator and expert personal trainer Adja Diarra for a program to get her into her healthiest and best shape for her wedding.

When we asked Christen why she wanted to be our Buff Bride, she did mention a fabulous strapless dress… but more importantly, she wants to continue the journey towards the goals she set some time ago. Christen is already an inspiration, having lost 35 pounds over the last year. As most people have found, the last 5 or ten pounds are the hardest to lose, and Christen is in need of some fresh motivation to get to the goal she originally set for herself.

At the moment, Christen enjoys Yoga at the Y as well as some of our specialty ‘Beastanetics’ classes. She’s also an avid walker, and makes everyday fitness a part of her lifestyle. We’re looking forward to designing some specialty workouts to give her the push she is looking for, and to sharing them with the Y community. Check back here, and through Facebook and Twitter to try them out yourself. The best reason to do so can be summed up something Christen said,

“I would really like to be able to develop a routine and plan that can fit within my busy schedule so I do not have to rely on the pre-packaged meals. I am looking for this to be a lifestyle change and get back into a structured fitness routine.”

Something we all can Strive for!

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