Building Ensemble

Last month, the Teen Theater Summer Institute here at the 14th Street Y had it’s first free workshop and camp promo in our three part series this fall, and we had a blast!  Ashley Thaxton, TTSI Assistant Teaching Artist tells us all about it.

TTSI Workshop 2

Our focus for this first workshop was building ensemble. As a performer and educator myself, I know that community building and trust are key components of both successful art and education. Along with Ashley Griffin, our Lead Teaching Artist, and Arielle Sosland, the LABA intern, we lead the students who attended in games and exercises that fostered creativity and honed acting skills.

By the end of the workshop, the students who didn’t know each other an hour and a half before were talking and laughing and creating art collaboratively. There were tableaus of food and colors, movement and soundscapes of New York City, and improv scenes about sun burns and having to clean up your room.

TTSI Workshop 1

Our next workshop, Actor Skills, is coming up on Wednesday April 10th from 5:00-6:30pm here at the Y. If you are or know a current 5th – 8th grader who is interested in acting, theatre, or just looking to have a great time with some new friends, have them call or email us at (646) 395-4322 or We’d love to make some art with them!


For more information about this great summer program,

go to the website by clicking here!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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