This Weekend at the Y: Purim Fun for Everyone

by Rabbi Shira Koch Epstein, Executive Director

Purim is a holiday that is a thankful and joyful affirmation of Jewish survival, focused on joy and hope. We celebrate an ancient tale–the Book of Esther (aka the Megillah)– to remind us that we celebrate our remembered escape from persecution by generous acts towards those who are currently in need.

At the Y, we are excited to invite everyone in the neighborhood to celebrate together this weekend, at Pause/Play on Saturday, 2/28 and at a LABAKids concert on Sunday, 3/1. 

Saturday’s Pause/Play  will feature many celebratory Purim themed activities such as juggling, art (making masks), games and sports with our wonderful New Country Day Camp staff. Kids are encouraged to come in costume and join in a Purim Parade.  Adults can participate in activities with their children, or separately in two very special activities just for them.

Childcare and kid drop off activities are available!

On Sunday, enjoy LABAKIDS Purim concert together with your kids. Come in your favorite costume, make masks for an animal parade and take snapshots with our photo booth!

Each of these events are fun and accessible ways to get into the Purim spirit.  Everyone is welcome.

Traditionally, there are four observances for Purim–and each one has ways to engage at the 14th Street Y:

  1. Retelling the Purim story, frequently with humor and levity, dressed up in costumes as the characters in the story. This weekend at the Y, you can wear a costume to Saturday’s Pause/Play, bring toddlers in costume to our singalong at 4:00PM with Debbie Brukman, and party at the LABAKIDS concert on Sunday.
  1. Having a majestic celebratory feast, which traditionally includes healthy adults getting drunk. We hope that you will come enjoy delicious snacks at Pause/Play sponsored by Colson Patisserie and Sweet Loren, and that adults will drop off their kids at NCDC classes and come to the whisky tasting at 4:45PM with Dan Friedman.
  1. Giving financial gifts (tzedakah or charity) to those in need (matanot l’evyonim)
  2. Giving care packages of food and other treats to our friends and neighbors (mishloach manot).

As you decide how to give to your friends and to those in need, come chat with NY Times “Your Money” Columnist Ron Lieber as he discusses his new book, The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids who are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money–and think with your neighbors about how to raise kids with excellent values who know how to save, splurge, and give in meaningful ways.

We hope to see you all this weekend for a wonderful celebration!

Meet the Blobfish and More!

The blobfish is making its way to 14th Street!

Songs for Unusual Creatures

Sunday, September 29th at 11am

The Theater at the 14th Street Y


We asked Michael Hearst, creator of this interactive concert for kids and their families, exactly what drew him to the blobfish: “It’s adorable and it’s ugly. It’s sad and loveable… It’s so amazing looking!”

The show features not just the blobfish, but many strange and wacky animals from all over the world. Many of these creatures are endangered or on their way to becoming endangered because of human actions, and unfortunately some species receive more of our attention than others.  The show is a great way to “educate and teach people about some of the lesser known animals.  And I enjoy a fun, entertaining project that also has value and meaning beyond the entertainment.”

We are so excited to have Michael back at the Y, after his successful performance here with his band One Ring Zero for our LABAkids performance last spring.

“The theater is the perfect space for kids events; kids can run and dance and participate in our performances,”  LABA Kids does a “great job in creating a special space with their theme, original crafts and snacks and so many other things that make it a fun and special program.”

We hope to see you and your whole family sing, dance, and be astounded by Unusual Creatures  with us on Sunday, September 29th at 11am in The Theater at the 14th Street Y. Tickets are available HERE, with a special discount just for Y members!

Get a preview of one of the songs from the show: