of bones || hollye bynum

of bones || hollye Bynum starts their residency at the Theater at the 14th Street Y this Saturday! Check out the full list of events happening at the Y:

December 12: Dance Film Production Workshop at PAUSE/PLAY

December 16:  Master Class 12-2pm (Inter.- Advanced dancers)

December 17-19: RELEASE performances

December 19: Master Class 10-12pm  (Inter.- Advanced dancers)

December 20: International Dance Film Screening @2PM

RELEASE maite Promo Image

RELEASE is the first production from ​of bones || hollye Bynum to include both filmed and staged contemporary dance in one full evening­length performance. RELEASE explores the nature of letting go and moving forward. Artistic Director, Hollye Bynum, draws from her personal experiences to create raw, honest, accessible inquiries of the human experience through movement. Her choreography transmits an emotionally charged quality, which seamlessly provokes audience members to feel, to inhabit their bodies with greater depth, and to open their senses to living in the immediate present. In collaboration with Brooklyn­based fashion magazine and production company, Beautiful Savage, as well as cinematographer Kyle Crichton, RELEASE integrates six new dance films and eight stage pieces with original music composition by Pedi Hashemian. Master Classes taught by company members will complement the three performances.​ The International Dance Film Screening​, which features films by local and international artists, ​will culminate ​of bones’ residency.




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