Yehuda Hyman Brings Personal Stories and New Dance/Theater to the Y

Thoughts + Happenings

LABA Fellow Alumni and choreographer Yehuda Hyman is developing a new premier dance/theater work titled THE MAR VISTA. Hyman is filled with stories about his life and his family, which he has weaved into a one-of-a-kind new work. We spoke with the talented storyteller about the new project and his influential past.

Tell us about yourself. What are some of the highlights of your diverse career and what are you currently pursuing?

“Happiness at Venice Beach. My father, my sister, my little brother and I.”

I was born in Los Angeles (Hollywood to be exact – born in a hospital on Sunset Blvd. that is now the Scientology Center). Grew up in a neighborhood on the West Side of L.A. called Mar Vista. Every day of every childhood summer, my mother would haul me, my brother and my sister on the bus and we’d spend all day at Venice Beach…

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