Top 5 Reasons YOU Should DO TTSC!

We think you’ll love the Teen Theater Summer Camp – but don’t just take our word for it!
Julia Thurston, former TTSC student and current intern, tells us why TTSC is for you: 
Julia performs from Williams Shakespeare's
Julia performs from William Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline” at TTSC 2014.

I love seeing plays, writing, performing, and acting, and I hope to do all of these in my pursuit of theater in college next year. I found out about the Teen Theater Summer Camp at the 14th Street Y through the MCC Theater Youth Company, a free after-school acting and playwriting company for NYC high school students, which I’ve been involved with since 2011.

I absolutely LOVED my two weeks at TTSC last year, and I’m so excited to be this year’s intern!
So, here are the top 5 reasons why YOU should do TTSC!
  1. You’ll form instant connections.
    It doesn’t matter if you come to TTSC with your best friend or if everyone there is a complete stranger –through improv games and icebreakers the first day, you’ll open up to your new peers and be laughing with them at lunch a few hours later, and by the time you perform your showcase at the end of the two weeks, you’ll practically be family! It’s an awesome way to make new friends with people who love theater just as much as you do.
  2. You’ll learn all about the crazy world of auditioning. (And it will be fun!)
    Over the 2 weeks at TTSC last summer, I learned a contemporary monologue AND a Shakespeare monologue, and performed one of them for a mock audition just over a week later! If that sounds scary, don’t worry — you’ll learn all about how to combat nerves and even use them to your advantage when acting and singing for an audition, as well as how to dress and introduce yourself. For me, that experience REALLY paid off for my college auditions over the winter!
  3. You’ll perform your own writing.
    In your afternoon session, you’ll get to work on writing and performing your own short plays in small groups — last year we had conversations about and performed theater for social justice, focusing on issues that were prevalent in our lives as teens, such as bullying and the portrayals of women in the media. Pretty fascinating topics, right? We were able to tell about our experiences and bring these issues to light through our art, which is really cool (and quite unique.)
  4. You’ll meet all kinds of theater artists. 
    From your teaching artists (who may specialize in acting, Shakespeare, music, dance, or all of the above!) who you learn from everyday, to the multi-disciplinary theater guest artists that you meet along the way, you’ll learn that there are more ways to make a career in theater than you could ever imagine! You might meet professional playwrights, theater educators, actors, (and many more), find out about how they chose their path, and how they got to where they are today. You might be inspired to pursue something you never even knew existed before!
  5. You’ll be doing what you love.
    If you’re at all interested in theater, acting, or performing, there’s something for everyone at TTSC. You may fall in love with acting after working on a monologue or song with a teacher, or might find out that Shakespeare isn’t as scary as you thought! You may even try your hand at playwriting, directing, or physical comedy. And everybody loves improv games! (You’ll probably break out into a spontaneous game of Zip Zap Zop or Bus Stop with your new friends during lunch!) I promise by the time you take your final bow, you’ll want to do it all again!

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