On the Other Side of Portraiture Photographer Davina Zagury’s Lens

Award winning portraiture photographer, Davina Zagury will be shooting family portraits on Sunday, February 2nd in her whimsical, unique style at the 14th Street Y. Davina shared some of her favorite photographs with us. Get to know Davina and her engaging work from her perspective.

Image“A few years ago a family came for a regular family portrait. I told them to bring some masks that the kids play around in and enjoy. From the shoot, this turned out to be the best image out of the lot. I was so inspired! I have been wanting to do the Family Portrait Dress Up Series because of this experience.”


“For this shoot, I told the girls that we are going outside. I asked them to bring their favorite masks. On our walk we found this magical spot. This magnificent photo was the result.”


“I was invited to this family’s home because they really wanted to include their dog. The dog just wanted a nap.”



Sign your family up for this unique opportunity on February 2nd at the 14th Street Y here.

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