Amas Musical Theatre talks FRIDA at the Theater at the 14th Street Y

Get to know Amas Musical Theatre and their new project FRIDA being workshopped right here at the Theater at the 14th Street Y. We interviewed Michael Aman, one of the talented creators of this new take on Frida Kahlo’s life.

Tell us about the story- why does Frida’s story make a good musical?

Frida’s story is about survival without self-pity, a powerful story in any medium.  What makes it a great project for a musical is its locale – using a Mexican pop sound and Mexican magic realism, create an atmosphere ideal for musical theatre.

Our theme this year at the Y is Mother.  Does the story of Frida link to that?

One of the great desires Frida had was to be a mother and to give her husband Diego Rivera children.  Frida wanted it all, and that included being a mother.  When “death” (La Pelona) takes her unborn baby away in act I, it’s one of the most heartwrending moments in the show.  Likewise, when Frida loses her mother in the second act, she has to learn to make her peace with death.  Her own mother was a presence throughout her life for better and worse.

What can Y members expect if they attend the reading?

The reading is a presentation of the show complete with the songs.  There is minimal staging but they will see the whole show.  And rather than an orchestra, we only use a piano.

How can we learn more?

Please visit!

Want to see the workshop?  Make a reservation now because space is limited.

For Reservations:
Call: 212-563-2565

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