Family Yoga in Action!

It is the end of class and I sit quietly observing my students in Savasana, or relaxation pose. Wrapped in flowing and colorful silk scarves, they are curled up with each other in pairs, enjoying a rare moment of stillness together. This is Family Yoga, and this season I am fortunate to share the class every Sunday at the Y.

During the class we listen to and play the singing bowl, perform a version of the sun salutation as a “Sun Dance,” skip and laugh through a game of yoga freeze tag, and recline on each other in comfy partner poses. Flushed faces, deep breaths, and giggles fill the room.

fam yoga new

The students gently awaken and come to a sitting position.  I ask them to share something they feel thankful for. 8 year old Anna shares, “I am thankful for my family.” Jess, a mom, says, “I am thankful for watching my daughter grow up.” It is easy to sense the closeness and appreciation in the room as well as the release felt after a good workout.


fam yoga new 2

Feel free to join Family Yoga anytime. The class is geared toward families with children ages 4 and up (although you are welcome to bring younger ones too).

It is free for members every Sunday at 2:30pm and no experience is required. As the weather cools, yoga offers us a way to build our immune systems and stay healthy and it’s a great way to Get Fit Together!


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