FringeJr has arrived at the 14th Street Y

 The 14th Street Y welcomes FringeJr to our Theater!

The New York International Fringe Festival, the parent of FringeJR, is the largest multi-arts festival in North America! In the span of 16 days, 200 companies will give 1200 performances in 20 venues. FringeJR, the festival for families with children age 5 to 12, is being performed exclusively at the Theater at the 14th Street Y!


 Y Families are especially invited to 3 FREE Fort FringeJR events. These events are a great opportunity for your little ones to meet characters from the plays, play games, make crafts, and (it goes without saying!) have an AWESOME time.  

 Sarazad and the Monster King will host its Fort FringeJR event at 4pm on Friday, August 9th at the 14th Street Y (fitness studio).  This play by the TRUF Company’ is a story about a young girl who uses the power of storytelling to overcome schoolyard bullies.

Peter Pan and the Stardust Dances will host their Fort FringeJR event at 2:30pm on Sunday, August 11th at the 14th Street Y (fitness studio). Presented by Eva Dean Dance Company, this show is a series of highly creative and imaginative dances set to original music.

The Young Olympians and the Most Amazingly Awesome Adventure Ever! will host their Fort FringeJR event at 12pm on Sunday, August 18th at FringeCENTRAL (27 2nd Ave).  Maryland Ensemble Theatre’s musical adventure is about a quest undertaken by your favorite Greek heroes (when they were teenagers).

        To give you a sense of what these shows are truly made of, FringeJr Director Gus Jacobson sat down with members of The TRUF Company to talk about their FringeJR show Sarazad and the Monster-King.

Gus: Can you tell me a bit about what making theatre for children means to The TRUF Company?

TRUF: Kids and grown-ups aren’t all that different. At least that’s what we at The TRUF believe. Whether you’re five or 45, you feel the same feelings as the other…you just don’t always talk about it together. But ask the next tiny human you see to describe what it feels like to sit in a dark, empty room, or what it feels like sit next to an unopened birthday present, and you’ll see that they understand isolation or hope just as well as you do.

With this philosophy in mind, The TRUF sets out to create theater that speaks to young and old and gets them talking to each other. Our productions come in pairs, a children’s show for every adult show, both of which revolve around the same theme. So whether you’re a grown-up watching Shakespearean prose or a kid watching a dancing monkey, you’re both feeling the same feelings. Then you talk about it.

Gus: What a great point –talking about theater is crucial! So, how did Sarazad and the Monster King first get created?

TRUF: Sarazad & The Monster-King was originally commissioned by The TRUF to be paired with our grown-up show (Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me by Frank McGuinness) in the Summer of 2012. A re-imagining of the “Scheherezade, or the 1001 Arabian Nights,” Sarazad & the Monster-King focuses on storytelling and how we use our imagination and dreams to sometimes escape the hardships of our realities.

Sarazad is a nine-year-old dreamer who loves to use her imagination to share stories with her best friend, a stuffed monkey. Unfortunately, the other kids at school don’t appreciate her creativity and instead tease her for being different. Sarazad escapes by retreating into her dreams where she comes face to face with a Monster-King who wants nothing more than to make her his dinner. SPOILER ALERT! Only Sarazad’s never-ending stories keep her out of the stew pot until the Monster-King ultimately learns the power of friendship. With her newfound confidence, Sarazad returns to the playground to defeat her playground “monsters” and lives happily ever after!

Gus: What a great story! Now I really can’t wait! For my final question, could you tell us what it has been like to be a part of FringeJR and the Fringe Festival so far?

TRUF: (Good!) theater that caters to families and children is an art, and not always as promoted or respected as we wish it was. The fact that as esteemed an institution as FringeNYC has put their weight behind creating quality children’s theater speaks volumes. They may be little, but kids (and the grown-ups in their lives) deserve to see greatness on stage. The TRUF is here to deliver!

 We ADORE Sarazad & the Monster-King, and could not be happier for the opportunity that FringeJR has given us to produce it again. Just like so many New Yorkers, The TRUF faced our own bully when Hurricane Sandy hit the city last November, and we were forced to literally close our theater doors and put a pause on our season plans. FringeJR has breathed new life into our young company, and given us the chance to share what we do best with even more audiences.  We thank you for being a part of the adventure!

 And an adventure it will be when Sarazad and the Monster King kicks off the 2013 FringeJR season TOMORROW!  We hope you will join us on Friday, August 9th as we kick off the Festival with a FREE Fort FringeJr event with Sarazad at 4pm in the fitness center, followed by the opening performance of Sarazod and the Monster King at 5pm in the Theater at the 14th Street Y.

Tickets are on-sale NOW! They can be bought in advance or at the door. For more information, and a full performance schedule please feel free to visit the FringeJR website by clicking here


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