Before the Gala

At the Y, we’re known for health, wellness, education, art, community and fun.  You might even have attended a party here in the past, (though it was most likely for your 3-year-old neighbor).  Nevertheless, the Y is gearing up for the fanciest, most fabulous event we’ve had here in some time, and many of our members and staff are planning for this wonderful walk on our red carpet.  Here are a few reasons to join us at the Gala: FEAST- Tuesday May 21st at 7:30PM.

bettinaBETTINA- 14th Street Y Member

Bettina is fun.  Like, super-fun.  Like, “Planning a Ladies night for the rest of the Moms in the preschool class” kind of fun.  Normally, we get to see the fabulous Bettina in either workout clothes (that still look better than my regular work clothes) or cool casual  wear.  Even rushing around in the morning she looks great, so it will be especially fun to see what she looks like EXTRA fabulous.  This weekend she’s planned a shopping trip to find her gala-wear….so we don’t know exactly what it will be.  But we’re definitely taking pictures.


brooke BROOKE- 14th Street Y Member

Brooke is the person you kind of wish you were.  You know that woman with fabulous highlights who has twins and is gorgeous and is planning all the time, but is still so incredibly nice and generous?  That’s Brooke.  Brooke has her outfit planned.  Navy.  Tea length.  Pressed and ready to go.  She’ll class up the whole event all by herself.


photo (9) Me- I work here.

So, I heard that wearing a slight heel can make your legs appear longer and your whole body more slim!  I’m thinking about wearing these.  Despite the fact that I can’t walk and my toes numbed up in about 3 minutes, I think I’m headed in this direction.  Do I look thinner?  WHEEE!


4984See you at the GALA!  Click for more info and to purchase your tickets!


Camille Diamond is the Director of Community Engagement and Communications at the 14th Street Y.  At this year’s Gala, She’s most looking forward to eating food by Riverpark and trying not to annoy Rachel Dratch with her crazy fan talk. 

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