A look at the Teen Theatre Summer Institute from a recent Alum!

Summer is right around the corner and that means our Teen Theatre Summer Institute is coming up!  To learn more about it we have asked Teen Theater Summer Institute Alum, Heather O’Donovan, to give us a little insight on her experience in the program and get us excited about this upcoming summer!


How did you hear about the Teen Theatre Summer Institute? 

I heard about the Teen Theater Summer Institute through BBYO, a Jewish teen leadership program .
What were some standout moments for you at the Summer Institute? 
Some of my favorite moments during my experience at TTSI were our impromptu dance parties during lunch. The whole day at TTSI was structured in a really fun way, but I thought it was awesome that I and all of the other students had become close enough friends that we could make our own fun during lunch and have dance parties, sing-alongs, or talk about anything we wanted to! It was amazing that we could have so much fun together despite only just having met each other.

So what are you up to now? And did the summer program help you get there?

I am currently enrolled in my freshman year at Princeton University.  TTSI definitely boosted my confidence for my acting and singing abilities, and this is something that has helped me at auditions and performances at Princeton.

What advice would you give teens interested in joining the program?

If you are at all interested in participating in TTSI, go for it! TTSI was an incredible experience and I am so glad to have taken part in it. From the first to the final day of the program, I saw the confidence and abilities of every student, including myself, grow by leaps and bounds. I also made great friends that I still keep in touch with now, even though the program ended months ago. These lasting friendships, along with the growth of confidence and ability, are something unique to TTSI, and anyone who is even remotely interested in this program should definitely apply!

How could we learn more?

Visit the website by clicking here!

Click here to find out how to register now.

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