Bringing Art and Social Change into Collaboration (BASiC) at the 14th Street Y

The BASiC Theatre Project has brought an exciting, young work to the 14th street Y this week! The Mistakes Madeline Made By: Elizabeth Meriwether gives a darkly comedic take on the challenges of life after graduating college and coming to the big city that is NYC. Zi Alikhan, the Artistic Director and creator of the BASiC Theatre Project company has given us a little more insight on how the company came to me and what to expect in the upcoming production.

Tell us about the BASiC Theatre Project? How did it come to be and what does it stand for?

The BASiC, in BASiC Theatre Project stands for Bringing Art and Social Change into Collaboration. When first moving from California to New York City, I had my mind and heart set on Broadway. However, once in the city, I became aware of the vibrant theater scene below 42nd street and how theater as change and theater that has audiences needing to speak up excited me the most. I began directing plays that had these themes in mind. The first play I directed, Gross Indecency, displayed a cast of mainly friends or people I had worked with before. These 9 guys became the BASiC Theatre Company. We already have three new shows this year and are excited for what the future holds!

Why was this specific play, The Mistakes Madeline Made By: Elizabeth Meriwether chosen this year?

I first read this play as a student at NYU in a class called Contemporary Playwrights. This was the first play that I read in class that I was very taken by. When the playwright came in and spoke to our class, I was also very moved by her, specifically how young she was and how similar she seemed to me and my classmates. This playwright, Elizabeth Meriwether, only a few years later went on to write the screenplay for the movie, No Strings Attached and write and produce the new hit TV series, New Girl. The idea that this playwright seemed to begin her career right where my friends and I were at made this play that much more relatable to me and our generation.
The play presents the story of a young girl who graduates from a good college and moves to NYC to follow her dreams only to find out that city life is not quite as glamorous as it sounds. The play is set in 2006 and also presents themes of war and how greatly our society is effected by it. With a love story also mixed in, this play has something for everybody. Meriwether uses young, contemporary style language and yet the play speaks to all ages. We are excited to see what the 14th and 1st community thinks of it!

Speaking of the community, what excites you about bringing this production to the 14th Street Y Theater?

When studying at NYU, I was always aware that cool things were happening at the 14th Street Y Theater. I had such an admiration for this space in college and it is such a privilege to be back with my own production. It really feels like a homecoming to be back at 14th and 1st and I am thrilled to bring this specific play to the diverse East Village. I think the messages of this play speak to the eclectic culture of this area. We can’t wait to show this community who we are through The Mistakes Madeline Made.

How can our members learn more?

Feel free to visit the website at for more information.

Click here to buy tickets or call 1-800-838-3006

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