One year later, and I still haven’t read a more practical, inspirational or do-able approach to health and wellness than the one offered in a blog by Roxy Lane. Roxy is as amazing as ever, both in spirit and beauty. Happy New Year, and New Year’s Resolutions!

Thoughts + Happenings

Last year, I accidentally lost about 35 pounds.  To be honest, it wasn’t completely an accident.  Like many women, I’d be trying to lose weight my whole life.  I always went to the gym, but I never really made it a priority.  I also tried crazy things like diet pills and fad diets, which obviously don’t work.  Then one day I woke up, and I had lost a few pounds, then a few more, and a few more, until I was well below the weight I was at in high school, and about 10 pounds below any “goal” weight I’d ever set for myself.  Odd I know.  I’d always been about a size 14 (read: 16) and I’m now about a size 8 (read: 10).  A goal that once seemed insurmountable to me became incredibly easy to reach when I stopped trying to reach it. 

And here’s how I did…

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