Dear Members and Friends,
As you know, the 14th Street Y has come through the hurricane intact but is currently without power. Until further notice, the building will remain closed.
We’ve been working to find resources for you over the next few days until power and subway service is restored.
Our friends have generously offered their locker rooms and showers for 14th Street Y Members.
  • Hours: Today through Saturday. 5:30am-2pm & 7pm-closing.
  • Please bring your own towel, and show your 14th Street Y membership card to security.

Solar One  (located in Stuy Cove Park)

Solar One is using their solar generator to create a way for people to charge their cell phones. If you’re still without power, they are waiting for you to stop by.

We are also tweeting and FB’ing ways for people to find comfort and support in the neighborhood.

Our team is thinking about all of the people in distress in our community and beyond it, and we are preparing to reopen as soon as possible when it is safe to do so. Unfortunately, we still do not know when this will be.
We will do our best as a community center to be there for you, and we will try to meet the challenges together, one step at a time.
We invite you to continue to check our website for information about plans for reopening the Y as it becomes available. Please take care of each other, and stay safe.
Stephen Hazan Arnoff Executive
Director 14th Street Y 

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  1. Thanks so, so much for the hot showers. We were without heat, electric and water for 6 days. Amazing what a hot shower feels like after all those days. Thanks

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