Arts and Theater THURSDAY!

We love The Arts and Theater at the 14th Street Y.  On Thursdays, we like to take a little time to let you know what’s going on here, and in our East Village Community.

First up, our friends at FAB (Fourth Arts Block) are gearing up for their annual FAB! Festival on Saturday, September 22nd.

Experience the very best in Lower East Side arts & culture at theFAB! Festival. FABnyc brings together a selection of FREE performances by local artists, as well as diverse performances & activities from throughout NYC.

With multiple indoor and outdoor stages showcasing dance, theater, & music, local artisans and gourmet food vendors, art installations, hands-on activities for families, as well as workshops suitable for everyone, the FAB! Festival presents exciting experiences for residents citywide.

Visit for more information.

Next  our own in-house Theater OPERA, 3 Weeks:

Ancient Jewish texts meets modern, downtown opera, in the LABA-inspired multi-media opera concert, 3WEEKS, playing at the 14th Street Y Sept. 28-30.

Inspired by his time in LABA: The National Laboratory for NEW Jewish Culture, artist Yoav Gal and LABA faculty member Ruby Namdar have created a brand new Opera based on the seminal Jewish text describing the last days of the Roman siege of Jerusalem.

Witness the captivating story of Rabban Yochanan Ben Zakkai, who bargained with the Roman power, giving up on the glories and extravagances of old Jerusalem, in return for a humble center of learning (Beit Midrash) in a small coastal town of Yavne.

The Opera is in the original ancient languages of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin- but our concert production is as new and innovative as anything ever seen on our stage.

The New York Times has called the work “truly fresh….serious without being ponderous…. not afraid to play with operatic conventions… unpredictable — sometimes absurd, sometimes sincere — but with a core of real feeling.”

3WEEKS, the Concert Premiere is made possible by generous funding from MAP, through the support of the 14th Street Y, and through grassroots fundraising.

For more info or to buy tickets, visit here

Enjoy Arts and Culture in your own Backyard!


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