And the SILVER Goes To…

You may have heard a few things about the 14th Street Y’s commitment to GREEN

One of our favorite organizations is Lower East Side Ecology Center.  We’ve learned a lot from them in the last few years about composting, greening, products and habits to make the Y a better, more eco-friendly place.  Recently, we worked with EcoBiz NYC, a program of Lower East Side Ecology.  Besides just being generally great people to know and to work with, they conducted a survey of our building so we could better know where we stand in our attempts to green our building, and how we can continue to grow in this area.

Eco Biz has a rating system that goes from participation to platinum.  We were delighted to learn that we earned SILVER from EcoBiz, and that we’re just a few points away from achieving GOLD!  EcoBiz also showed us some surprisingly simple and inexpensive ways to get there.

Thank you, EcoBiz!

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