Art, Culture and Theater at the 14th Street Y

MEET LABA (The National Laboratory for New Jewish Culture), a unique arts and culture program housed at the 14th Street Y.

LABA means LAVA in Hebrew.  Our LABA program at the 14th Street Y is just like that, a core of creation that enriches everything that we do.  You know we have a fitness center, classes, basketball gym, preschool, camps and afterschool programs.  Do you know about how LABA enriches them?

The East Village is a neighborhood that in itself inspires and supports art and culture.  The 14th Street Y, like the East Village  is inspired by the artists within it.   Each year, a group of 10 artist fellows; performers, visual artists and writers, among others meet to study ancient Jewish texts based on a theme, get inspired by those texts and theme, and then create some amazing art!  Previous themes have included love, the human body, and blueprint.  This year’s theme is EAT.

Each Thursday, we’re looking forward to bringing you news and information about LABA events, programs and performances that all begin as ideas in our LABA house of study.  Next week,  we’ll be telling you the story of  3WEEKS, an Opera created by a relationship made in a LABA house of study, coming soon to the 14th Street Y Theater!

Pictured:  3WEEKS Librettist, Ruby Namdar with Creator and Composer, Yoav Gal.   Yoav and Ruby met during the LABA: House of Study in 2008 when Ruby was a teacher and Yoav was an artist fellow.

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