Strength with the BUFF BRIDE!


Christen is getting married in the fall, and is working out at the 14th Street Y towards the healthiest and most fit wedding day ever.  We’re posting her workouts (with personal trainer Jordan) so that you might benefit from everything she’s learning and doing.  We’ve included instructive links to those we thought might need a little more explanation. 

Try this one today! 

PT Jordan:  Christen’s objective the last two weeks has been strength development. We have reduced the balance, core and stability exercised, introduced a few power and agility exercises. We also increased the resistance of her main exercises and reduced the number of repetitions she performed. Here is that workout:

-5 Min warm up on elliptical or Concept 2 rowing machine

-Core Exercises:
1. Ball roll-out to plank hold
2. Ball scaption (belly on ball, arms extend in Y formation out and up)
3. Ball long lever arm curl-ups (lower back on ball, arms extend overhead. Crunch ribs towards hips, lifting shoulder blades off ball and then releasing back down into slight extension)
15-20 of each, holding final rep for 15-20 seconds.

A&B performed as super-set, which is back to back with 30-60 seconds rest between.
1. A. Box Jumps: 10-20
B. Toe Taps: 30 seconds
2. A. Medicine ball overhead Throw-Down
B. Medicine ball chest pass.

Strength Series:
8-12 repetitions of each exercise. Alternating days; one day performed multiple sets the next as a circuit.
1. Squat to press
2. Dumbbell Chest Press
3. Dumbbell Triceps Extension
4. Cable or Machine Row
5. Thera-Band Curl
6. Dumbbell Step-up on Bench

Alternating days; assisted stretching and various static stretches.

Christen’s next series will focus more on movement, balance and coordination. Stay tuned for the next workout!

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