BUFF BRIDE works out!

Have you met Christen yet?

Christen, a member of the 14th Street Y is getting married this fall. Besides wanting to look her best for the wedding, Christen wants to have a sustainable, healthy plan for exercise and eating that she can feel good about her whole life. She has graciously agreed to let us blog about her workouts so that you can join her on this healthy journey, and get some great workouts and ideas for your own program.

Jordan, one of our top personal trainers worked out with Christen last week with this one hour workout:

15 minutes interval training on the elliptical. -4 min warm up in heart rate zone 1.
-1 1/2 min in zone 2
-2 1/2 min in zone 1
-Performed 2 sets on this interval
-2 min cool down

Strength Circuit:-Squat to press on BOSU upside down – 10lb dumbbells/20 reps
-Step up to Balance and curl (using bench) 10lb dumbbells’s/20 reps; right leg
-Alternating Dumbbell Chest Press on Swiss Ball – 15lbs/20 reps
-Step up to Balance and curl (using bench) 10lb DB’s/20 reps; left leg
-Seated Swiss Ball Band Rows – Blue Band/25 reps/ Hold last rep in contraction for 10 Seconds
-Seated Ball Dumbbell Scaption (Arm lift 45 degrees from body) 3lbs/15 reps

*Each repetition is to be performed in slow controlled fashion; 2 to 3 second concentric contraction (positive), 1-2 second pause and 3-4 second eccentric contraction (negative)

Cool Down/FlexibilityBasic Swiss Ball Stretches

Additional Recommended class or training through the week:
-Flexibility, balance and relaxation: at least 1-2 times a week: Yoga, Qi Gung, Tai Chi -Cardiovascular endurance and efficiency: at least 2 times a week.

-Resistance Training: 3 times a week.

Questions about this workout? Leave a comment here! We hope you’ll try it and let us know what you think.

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