The BUFF BRIDE Assessment: How was it done?

Some of you have been asking about the Buff Bride’s Fitness assessment.  What exactly did she do and what did it all mean?  Here is more information about Christen’s fitness assessment!

Firstly, Jordan (our personal trainer extrordinaire)  checked Christen’s resting heart rate.  This is to ensure that her heart rate,  when not exercising began at a healthy level.  You can click here to see a great heart rate chart.

Next, Jordan conducted a Standing Postural Assessment.  This helps to see Christen’s natural posture, how she might be slouching or overcompensating during exercises.  Jordan can use this information to  design a workout especially for Christen, helping to address anything that needs to be corrected.

Jordan then conducted movement assessments, including single leg raise, and overhead squat.  This gave Jordan information about Christen’s range of movement, how high she can stretch and how low she can go! 

Christen next performed a 3 minute step test to check her cardiovascular efficiency (how quickly her heart rate recovers after exercise) and then a rather difficult series of  muscular strength & endurance tests.  These included body weight squats, pushups, inverted body weight row, curl ups and plank hold. 

They ended their session as we all should with some stretching in the form of flexibility tests.  In the end, Christen had a great workout and Jordan had all the data he needed to create a workout just for her. 


Remember, if you’re interested in an assessment of your own; use your FREE personal training session and schedule yours today! can help you with that.

You can learn more about Jordan at

Check back next week for more workouts with the BUFF BRIDE!







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