Our Buff Bride…and her Trainer

Christen, our Buff Bride is beginning her first workouts with 14th Street Y personal trainer Jordan Forth.

This is Jordan!

Jordan, a Wellness consultant, personal trainer, group fitness and tai chi instructor; has spent over 16 years assisting people in their health and fitness. Christen recently worked with Jordan in her first fitness assessment, which included cardio, movement screening, posture and alignment, core stability, plus strength and endurance tests. Sounds like a workout in itself!

Christen and Jordan will be working together a few times a week, focusing on a general overall fitness…and of course that fabulous strapless wedding dress.

Jordan reports that Christen already has great strength as a former athlete. He’ll be bringing his expert knowledge of tai chi, yoga, Alexander Technique and martial arts to address any muscular imbalances and specific issues as she works her way toward optimum health!

Be sure and check back for Christen’s next workout! If you’re interested in a fitness assessment like Christen’s, remember that every membership includes one FREE personal training session. Have you scheduled yours yet? Contact Adja_Diarra@14StreetY.org for more information!

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