From Stressed-Out Mom to “Gym Rat” and Fitness Superstar!

Our Parent Organization, The Educational Alliance is featuring FITNESS as it’s cause of the month!  One of our wonderful members agreed to be a featured story on how transformative fitness can be.  We’re reposting this story so you can be inspired too!  Now is a great time to come inside and work off your winter blues…let us know how we can help.

-The 14th Street Y

Jennifer had an on-and-off fitness routine for most of her life — sometimes going to the gym every day, but then losing steam and skipping workouts for a month or more. After having her first child, fitness became even less frequent and difficult to manage alongside the many stresses of being a new mom.

A few years ago, Jennifer and her daughter Marley joined the 14th Street Y and was pleased to discover the on-site babysitting program. Suddenly, she was able to work out in the Fitness Center more often, comforted by the fact that Marley was nearby and safe. Soon enough, Jennifer’s overall health improved and she became a self-declared “gym rat.” In addition, she found that regular exercising helped her be a better mom. It gave her the strength and energy to be a hands-on, active parent, while also feeling more calm and clear-headed after a busy day with Marley.

Today, she is an inspiration to other moms at the Y and beyond!

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