Short Circuits

For those of us trying to cram in workouts where we can in between work, home, friends, shopping, drinks, parties… Here’s something fun to do with 25 minutes (if 25 minutes is all you get to work with).  I did this one last Saturday and my abs and arms are still feeling it 3 days later.


  1.  5 minutes on the elliptical for as high as you can stand it
  2. Assisted pull up; weight should allow you to do no more than 8-10 repetitions
  3. 12  hanging ab curls.  (this is that thing that looks like a chair with no seat).  Press your back against the padded back rest, press your arms into the arm rests, and lift your knees 12 times (or more if you can)  Don’t forget to pull your stomach in tight against your back!
  4. 5 minutes back to the elliptical (or arc machine…that works great too)
  5. Back to the assisted pull up/hanging ab curls combo
  6. Last 5 minutes on the elliptical


This combination of things keeps your heart rate steadily up for the full 25 minutes, and also allows your arms and abdominals some great attention. 

 The combination of assisted pull ups and hanging curls target biceps, shoulders, triceps, and the full abdominal wall.   Make sure if you’re walking home you use it as your cool down, and don’t forget to do a few stretches while you do. 


Camille Diamond is the Director of Community Engagement and Communications at the 14th Street Y. 

She also likes exercise and is generally too busy for more than 25 minutes at a time



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