Kudos to Pangs!

At the 14th Street Y, we are proud of our Theater because it’s a unique, green, and  gorgeous black box space.  We love that we get to be a resource to theatre companies such as Untitled Theater Company #61, and heartily congratulate them  on their review in the NY Times  for Pangs of the Messiah.

 According to The New York Times, Edward Einhorn’s direction “crackles with life and energy”, Jane Stein’s set is “gorgeous”, Yvonne Roen is “feisty” and  Elliot Mayer is “charismatic”. “Our empathy and identification with the Bergers – a typical family, with typical hungers and thirsts, squabbles and chores – intensifies our discomfort with their increasing radicalization”

For more information on Untitled Theater Company, Click Here: http://www.untitledtheater.com/UTC61/Home.html

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