Easy Ways to be Fit Everyday

Often, when we’re thinking healthy we’re either ‘on’ or ‘off’.  As in, “oh, today I didn’t work out this morning so it’s a bad diet day and I’m going to eat 3 slices of pizza for lunch! ” 

Or, “Today I took Stefanie’s SWEAT class and I’m eating Broccoli for dinner so I’m being so GOOD”.

The all or nothing mentality is what often leads us to success that’s unsustainable, or a mindset of failure.  It really doesn’t have to be that way!  Check out the fitness tips below, reprinted from “workouts for you”

Not all are appropriate for NYC life (keep sneakers in your car?  How about your knapsack?)  but most can fit right into a regular, healthy lifestyle. 

Camille Diamond-Director of Community Engagement and Communications

  • Walk or ride your bike to work.
  • Try not to eat food portions that are larger than your fist.
  • Join an exercise group of neighbors, friends or just others in your community
  • Increase the fiber in your diet.
  • Throw out any milk other than fat-free (unless you have small kids who still need the higher fat milk)
  • Do resistance training while you watch television.
  • Implement an after-dinner walk with your family.
  • Avoid eating lat at night.
  • Instead of frying try grilling, steaming or baking
  • Avoid all-you-can eat buffets
  • Pass on the second (and third) helpings
  • Start each meal with a salad or plate of steamed vegetables
  • Replace oils in baking with applesauce
  • Do not skip meals
  • Wash your own car
  • Take breaks at work for walking or doing a few strength exercises
  • Drink water instead of carbonated beverages
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Don’t go to the grocery store hungry
  • Keep a pair of athletic shoes in your car so you can always be ready for a walk
  • Try new and different physical activities
  • Eat fruit for your dessert
  • When eating out, share your meal — there’s usually enough servings for two
  • Purchase only 100 percent fruit juices instead of those with mostly sugar
  • Keep your foods from being bland with spices and seasonings
  • Don’t skip breakfast
  • When eating out, ask for salad dressing on the side
  • Avoid unnecessary condiments
  • Eat brown rice, whole wheat pasta and whole wheat bread


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