As a workingmomaholic I have not written very much lately about the workouts I’ve been attempting to add to my life.  I love summertime as a rule, and I always want to work out more during the warmer months.  This summer, the Y added Definitions, a  Friday 9:30AM class that I absolutely love for several reasons.  First,  instructor Shana Brady is as insanely sweet as she is knowledgeable about everything she does.  She’s one of the Y’s best personal trainers, and gently encourages us through a series of exercises that are surprisingly difficult, and also different from any class I’ve ever taken.  Shana’s class is based on functional training, which  means that everything you do to increase your muscle mass and endurance is also a movement that you might use in real life.  Pretty cool, right?

The other reason I love this class is because I get to work out with many of the people who come to the Y on a regular basis.  Have I mentioned that we’ve got a really great community here at the Y?  We really do.  We get everyone at this particular class from basketball players (female…haven’t seen the guys get up this early yet) Y Staff (Becky Skoff, LABA Manager has been seen in the fitness studio a few times) Seniors (one woman in particular stopped me to tell me how great this class was) and some supermoms looking to shake up their traditional gym workouts.  I hope you’ll join us! 

Definitions runs every Friday morning at 9:30AM in the fitness studio;  instructed by Shana Brady. 


Camille Diamond is the Director of Community Engagement and Communications at the 14th Street Y.

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