Socially Minded Theater

The 14th Street Y Theater is dark for a few weeks while we make some improvements to the newly renovated space.  Last week ended in a bang as  Epic Theatre, Vicious Bear, and Solar One  joined together to present a theater festival called The Sunshine Series.  

The Sunshine series was presented as a week of socially minded theater, featuring a workshop of the show WATER.  The 14th Street Y was honored to participate in this very cool project last spring with a gallery show inspired by water stories from our own community. 

Below is an interview with one of the producers of the Sunshine Series, Zak Berkman, the Founding Executive Director of Artistic Programming.

          What is the Sunshine Series?

All of us Epic are thrilled to be at the 14th Street Y for our seventh annual Sunshine Series. It’s a very fitting home to be presenting these five vital new pieces of theatre in various stages of development, each yearning to tell an important story about our time and to live in conversation with a diverse, multi-generational audience.

This is Epic’s annual festival nurturing new political writing – plays that are topical or timeless, and seek to engage and activate us in specific ways.

2.       How did Epic and the Water Project get together?

Friendships in many directions. Epic worked with Daniella and most of the WATER design team on Judith Thompson’s PALACE OF THE END and have been looking to collaborate again. Epic’s very excited by cross-sector partnerships existing at the heart of new play development and what Vicious Bear and the WATER teams has initiated with Solar One is something we want to support and learn from.

3.       How does the Festival work?

The first week featured readings of four new plays; the second week was dedicated to the workshop of WATER.

What does “socially minded theater” mean?

Theatre with a purpose to engage everyone involved in a vibrant conversation about a vital issue challenging our civic life.  

How can Learn more about the Sunshine Series? 

Go to

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