Welcome Shayna!

We’re pleased to welcome Shayna Kreisler as our new Senior Program Director!  She’s already made news for us, with New York Non-Profit Press, re-printed below.  We look forward to having her on our team!

Shayna Kreisler has joined the 14th Street Y as its Senior Program Director. In this capacity, she will work with all core programs at the 14th Street Y to continue to shape an innovative arc of programming spanning from early childhood through school age children to teens and adults. Kreisler begins her new post on July 18th, 2011.

Kreisler is currently completing her tenure as Director of Civic Engagement and Leadership at BBYO. The regional headquarters of BBYO moved to the 14th Street Y in September 2010, and Kreisler became acquainted with the 14th Street Y team then.  Prior to her current post, she held other positions at BBYO including the Director of Education and Teen Initiatives and Assistant Director of the Philadelphia Region. Before joining BBYO, Kreisler was a teacher in New York City.

“We are thrilled to have Shayna join our team at the 14th Street Y,” said Stephen Hazan Arnoff, Executive Director of the 14th Street Y. “The Y has more than doubled the size of all of its core programs in the past three years. Now, with the support of our newly established board, we are eager to expand our laboratory for new Jewish culture and experience in exciting ways. We were looking for someone who wanted to take on the challenge of leadership in a vibrant community center with unlimited potential. Shayna was the perfect choice.”

“There are very few professionals in the Jewish community today who bring Shayna’s dynamic mix of intelligence, creativity, passion and commitment to results,” said Rabbi David Kessel, BBYO’s Chief Program Officer. “During her tenure with BBYO, Shayna brought a culture of excellence to our program, with laser focus on service, advocacy, Jewish education and leadership development – using new technologies, inspired training methodology and her significant skills as a facilitator and senior member of our Program Team.”

See link to the New York Non-Profit Press below:


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