Our East Village Identity…

…will be discussed tonight at Metropolitan Playhouse!  Best of all, Stephen Hazan Arnoff, Executive Director of the 14th Street Y will be joining the panel.  Here’s an excerpt from the article with the link to the broadwayworld.com article appearing below.


Metropolitan Playhouse, has confirmed 5 new panelists for the discussion panel The East Village: Theory and Practice, to be held Wednesday, June 22, at 7:30. The panel will be an open discussion, beginning with an examination of the contrast and consonance of the neighborhood’s historical and cultural reputation with its actual history and current identity.

The panel is a part of the second annual East Village Theater Festival, a three-week celebration of the ever-vital life and lore of the East Village. Featuring two series of all new works–Alphabet City and East Village Chronicles, as well as the work of local artists–in Metropolitan’s home at 220 E 4th Street June 6th through June 26th, 2011. Further, attendees are invited to retire to the B6 Garden following the panel for a show of slides of the work of local artists who have captured the spirit and life of the neighborhood over the past several decades.

Joining the panel on the 22nd are: Stephen Hazan Arnoff, Executive Director, 14th Street Y; Eric Ferrara, Executive Director, Lower East Side History Project; Frances Goldin, local activist, literary agent and a resident featured in Alphabet City VII; Joyce Ravitz, President, Cooper Square Committee; and Shell Sheddy, photographer and East Village activist.

Read more: http://broadwayworld.com/article/Metropolitan-Playhouse-Presents-East-Village-Theory-and-Practice-Panel-622-20110619#ixzz1Q0rG3Fec

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