The “Even my Blood is Tired” Workout

Do you know what I mean? Have you been there?  I’m so tired that it feels like my blood is having trouble moving, even though it knows it simply must. When I feel like this, the last thing I want to do is get in a work-out. I also know that if I can just do it, I might get the energy together for the rest of my day. So, my Saturday 25 minutes for me looks like this.
Cardio helps.  As do my music choices!
I drop my son off for his Seahorses class with the amazing aquatics staff, and drag my sorry, tired feet to the eliptical . I put “Walk Away” by Kelly Clarkson in my ears and start low, just trying to enjoy the kind of weightless walking that the eliptical can give you. I don’t raise the level or the grade of the hill. I just move my legs and arms for 5 minutes. I breathe.Once my body is used to the beat of the music and the movement of the exercise, I raise the level a few notches. I listen to “Canned Heat” by Jamiroqui and go a little faster.By the time I’ve finished out the song I’ve gone about 10 minutes. I feel ready to move a little more with a little more intensity. I head to the stairclimber. Oh, so 1990’s. I remember my college fitness center where I first discovered the Stairmaster. In honor of these years I listen to “Scream”, by Michael and Janet Jackson. I’m ready to push myself too, so I increase the level and press heavily into my heels. This not only targets the glutes, but also helps protect my knees, which is never a bad thing.  After Michael and Janet sing I continue my nostalgic 90’s Stairmaster jaunt with songs from “Barenaked Ladies”. Back in the ’90’s I saw them in concert before theywere filling big arenas, so that’s fun.

By the time I’m done, I have 5 minutes left,  and do some good old 1990’s  “Abs of Steel” exercises. Here are some of my favorite exercises from 90’s Fitness superstar Tamilee Web.

By the time I’m done, I have a minute to spare. I walk into the pool area just as my son is climbling out of the water and splashing his little 5 year old feet my way. He’s happy to see me and tell me all that he’s done, and I am happy to have created some patience and listening space needed for a great day with him.  Try this workout the next time you feel too tired to function.  My music choices are certainly optional! 

Camille Diamond is The Director of Community Engagement and Communications at the 14th Street Y 



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